Christmas time is a time to give gifts. This year I want to
The word assume means to take for granted or to accept something as true without
What's Up? Happy 77th birthday, October 1, to Deaf Missionary to the Deaf
There seems to be a great lack of good leaders in the Deaf and Hearing world today. I will be
“I want to sign like a Deaf person. I want to learn ASL. But when
My oldest sister, Peggy, was diagnosed with colon cancer in January
Have you ever been hiking and come to an area where the trail split? You looked at both paths
Many have asked me, “How did you learn Sign Language?” Why did you
Where is Heaven? How long do people live in Heaven? Heaven is the
I always think about God because I love
SWMI is involved in developing deaf ministries worldwide. God has
One of the most important things to remember

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