Choosing the Blessed Way

Young people usually accept their parents’ way of life as “normal.” Boys in our neighborhood copied their fathers when bragging about “best” cars. Dave liked Pontiacs. Kenneth and Alan talked about Oldsmobiles. My brother and I liked Plymouths. That was because our fathers owned those type cars. Later, in high school, we did buy cars similar to our fathers’ (and then most of us changed to buying ’55, ’56, and ’57 Chevrolets). It is easy to “default to” or “choose-first” one certain car. Young people often “default” to the foods or eating habits of their parents. Most of us love the way our mothers cooked (healthy or not). We may say, “Well, I remember we always… (cooked this) (ate that) (liked this) (hated that) (froze this) (kept that)!” If your family ate healthy food, worked hard, exercised, rested, worshiped, loved, communicated, cared, gave, served, honored, helped, forgave, and avoided strife, then you probably find it easy to “default” into living well in your own life and marriage. If, however, your family ate old, artificial, colored, preserved and sweetened “foods,” you will probably eat those things yourself. Some people also “default” to arguing, yelling, holding grudges, keeping hurt feelings, and having to “win” arguments if that was “normal” when they grew up. You cannot change your past, but you can change your “defaults” (first-choices) to a new way of living. It is not as important for a husband to “win his way” or a wife to “win her way” as it is to have “their” ways become “the right way.” God can change your mate’s “way” and your “way” to be like “His Blessed Way” in life and marriage. His way is good… very good!

Application: God’s Blessed Way is a “choice” for all to decide to follow. Decide now to follow God’s Way!