Don’t Forget The Deaf in the Northeast

What do you do to remember things today? In the old days, people tied a string around their finger to remember to do something. I had a friend who wore a rubber band around his wrist to remind him to pray for missionaries. I have reminders that I program in my phone to remind me to pray for friends each day. Today I want to ask you not to forget the Northeast! Both my wife and I were raised here in the Northeast. We love it here! We love the change of seasons here. We love the colder weather in the winter and the changing color of the leaves and the crisp fall air. We love the rolling hills and the wonderful food in our area. More than all those things, we love the people who live here. Other people from other parts of our country complain about people from the Northeast, but, we love the people here. We especially love the Deaf who live in the Northeast. They are precious to us. I want to remember to pray for the Deaf in the northeast! It is estimated that there are 1.9 million Deaf / Hard of Hearing people living in the Northeastern states. I want to encourage you to pray for your part of the country! Don’t complain about the things you don’t like, but ask God to use the Word of God to change the hearts of the people where you live! We are asking God to save more Deaf in the Northeast; Will you pray for the salvation of the Deaf in your area? We are praying that God will give us more Deaf Ministries in the Northeast; Will you pray for more in your area? We are praying for revival to come to the Northeast; Will you pray for revival in your area? We are asking you not to forget the Northeast. We ask you to pray that God will increase our influence in the Northeast, and that more Deaf will be able to touch Heaven as a result. Please ask God to help us remain faithful here in the Northeast … for the glory of God, and the salvation of souls!

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