Don’t Forget The Deaf

The Scriptures make it very clear that the Lord wants every person to know the Gospel. When the Lord commanded the disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and teach all nations, this included the nations of the Deaf. Nations could be defined as a body or group of people inhabiting the same country united together with the same language, culture, and customs. This means that several nations may be within one country. The Deaf cannot hear the Gospel with their ears, but they listen with their eyes. Deaf people have their own culture and language and need to be reached for Christ with their own language. Deaf people do not have their own country, but they are in all countries with their own culture and language. It has been proven that if just a few are reached in their nation, those few could evangelize the others. Paul used this method in planting churches from country to country. When Philip won the one Ethiopian eunuch, he was unaware that he also reached Ethiopia for Christ (Acts 8:26-38). Philip asked the eunuch “Understandest thou what thou readest? And he said, “How can I, except some man should guide me?” “Do you understand?” Response: “I need someone to guide me.” The different nations need to know and understand the Gospel. Deaf people need someone to help them understand and know the Gospel. *“There are 195 countries in the world today, but there are thousands of nations, or ethnic groups. Also over 3,000 people groups have no Bible. Perhaps our failure to fulfill God’s Great Commission is due at least in part to our view that countries are nations.”

Our goal at SWM is to focus on the Deaf nations in America and the world. For them to understand and know requires someone to learn their language, customs and culture. Also, you cannot refer to Deaf people as just one large nation. I have learned that Deaf people are individuals, and each one needs to be reached on his level of understanding. Deaf people would be considered as a nation as they have their own language and country. Example: ASL (American Sign Language) BSL (British Sign Language). Deaf people need to be reached within their nation. Many, many times I have had Deaf people say, “Now I understand.” They understand because now they know the Gospel. The Holy Spirit enlightens them to understand what others have been trying to teach them for years. It is a fact! No one can be saved without the Gospel. No one can be saved without Christ. No one can spiritually grow without the Word of God. The Great Commission still works unto this day. (1) Preach the Gospel – (2) Teach them (3) so they can then teach others. There is no other plan.

Our goal at SWM is to fulfill the Commission unto the Deaf world with the Gospel and to teach them via missionaries, You-Tube, videos, tracts, newspaper and Bible literature. It is sad that many have never thought of evangelizing the Deaf. Some have not even thought about the Deaf in their area. To reach them you must teach them. To teach them requires someone to learn their language and culture and go unto them. The Deaf world is forgotten in many countries. It remains a frontier ministry. Many Deaf still remain unreached because of unconcerned churches and the lack of missionaries. The Deaf are overlooked and neglected. Some say, “I just never thought of the Deaf.” We need more churches, Christians, teachers, preachers, and missionaries to help us reach the Deaf in your country and city. We can provide you with videos, books, and special training to reach them for Christ. Some have started deaf ministries with just a book or video of sign language. I often say, “When God has your heart, He will use your hands.” The Great Commission requires us to reach each nation then reach every creature or person within that nation. We need to make others more aware of the many unreached Deaf nations in the world. We need to specialize, target, and focus upon the Deaf world and reach the unreached one at a time for Christ. Teach them so they can also teach others. Visit our website: and let us help you help the Deaf for Christ. The end goal is to also train the Deaf to reach the Deaf. The Deaf already know the language, customs, and culture. If we do not reach the Deaf and train them to reach the Deaf for Christ, the unreached Deaf nations will continue as they are – unreached.

In closing, *Rex Cobb says, “The Great Commission is still the Great Omission.” Churches, pastors, teachers, Christians, and missionaries, “Don’t Forget The Deaf.” We realize that God does not call everyone into the deaf ministry, but He does call some. How do I know? Because in 1966 He called me. Also, we are grateful for the many who may not know sign language, but support our unique ministry to the Deaf world. Because of you, many Deaf will hear in Heaven. Don’t Forget The Deaf!

Rex Cobb, Bowie, TX –

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