Missionaries are also Common People

Many ask how they can pray for our ministry. Please pray for us about the same challenges that you are facing. We are just normal people with normal challenges. I must say thank you to all of you who faithfully pray for us as we travel. We know that many times Satan does not want us to go and serve the Lord. Recently in a missions conference we had dinner with a different family each night and were able to share our burden for the Deaf world. We would then go to the conference and interpret for the Deaf, give a testimony, or preach. We were very busy and trying to behave ourselves. We know many people are watching us as missionaries, but we are just “regular” people. On Sunday morning we were asked to sing special music. We had practiced singing, but had not had much time to practice our signing. Part of the song says, “Whatever it takes for my will to break, that’s what I’d be willing to do.” It was going well until the third verse. Jim turned the page (to the wrong page) – I turned it back – he turned it back – I turned it back and finally pointed that’s where we were supposed to be. We never stopped singing or smiling, but we did stop signing to turn the pages back and forth and back and forth. We felt bad for the Deaf and what they got during that time of confusion. The pastor came up after we finished and teased that he thought he might need to do “marriage counseling” during our song. We all got a good laugh. Satan would like us to fall, but God can win in spite of us. Your prayers keep us going, and we appreciate you. Whatever God calls us to do, we want to obey Him. Don’t forget that missionaries are also just regular common people called to do God’s work. We need prayer just like you. Thank you for being such a large part of what we are doing. We know we need God’s help! Don’t forget to pray for us.

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