In April I went to Kentucky for Deaf Christian Senior Fellowship. The fellowship planned a trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. I loved this because I learned more about Bible times. The first time I was at the Ark Encounter I saw the BIG ark. It was awesome. Then I went into the ark. I looked and stared around everything inside. There were three floors. As I walked I learned about what I saw. It took me three hours to see all three floors. Later I read the Bible in Genesis 6 to 9 about Noah and the Ark. I compared Noah’s FAITH to my life as his strong faith has influenced me. He worked hard and had faith in God for his family for 120 years. He did not give up or doubt about God’s Word and warning. He believed what God promised about the coming rain and flood. He was faithful to God and obeyed Him. I really need more strong faith. I want to be as Noah and obey God in all things. I thank God about the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. I want to encourage you go there. It will help you to learn and understand God’s Word. I want to also encourage you to be as Noah and stay faithful to God and keep serving Him. Don’t forget – Be Faithful.

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