Do Not Be Shy IV – Teaching Simply

One of the hardest things people can do is to teach simply. People find it very hard to teach nonverbal definitions for lie, bad, lazy, and many other words. Here are some methods that will help you to teach the deaf in an easy way.

1. Simple outlines. Do not use outlines that use fancy or rhymed titles. Keep the outlines to very simple and direct teaching. It is always better that you write or use outlines in a way that you do not have to explain. Keep it simple and easily understood.

2. Simple language. Keep the language simple. Forget English, idioms, and difficult words. (Anything can be explained with simple words. For example: Miracle. God can -You cannot.) Keeping the language simple and easily understood is the key for the deaf (or anyone) to understand.

3. Do not assume they know. Remember to ask questions to see where the students are in their understanding. I have seen many teachers assume the deaf understand everything. They just keep teaching despite the fact the deaf are asking, “What does that mean? I not understand!” Start where they do understand and teach them more. Remember, not everyone knows or understands what you know and understand. Do not treat them as dumb, but be a teacher who teaches the students from where they are and improves their knowledge and understanding.

4. Use any and all visual aids. There is absolutely no substitute for using pictures, PowerPoint presentations, skits, objects, and anything else that can be seen. Remember Sign Language is a visual (seen) language. Teach the lessons using any visual aids that will help to explain the lesson.

5. Use whiteboards and blackboards. Whiteboards and blackboards are a need for writing words, drawing pictures, and drawing maps. In fact, I do not know how to teach the deaf without a board to write on. (I have a virtual whiteboard on my computer that works great.). Write and draw so the deaf can learn.

Don’t forget – Teach simply!

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