Starting on The Blessed Way

Who? God started with Adam & Eve (Gen. 1-2)
What? “God blessed them…” (1:28)
When? On the 6th Day of Creation (1:31)
Where? In the “garden eastward in Eden” (2:8)
Why? God made life & marriage to be very good.
How? Worship – It was natural for Adam and Eve to worship God. (He created them.)
Submit – God made Adam & Eve from lowly dust & rib. Adam was made for God. Eve was made for man.
Work – God worked to create. He also gave them work and responsibilities (to care for garden). Walk – God walked with them in the cool of the day (fellowship and exercise). Rest – God did not tell Adam and Eve to work all the time. God rested, they rested.
Eat – God made healthy food for Adam & Eve (all fresh!). They could eat of all trees except one. Not Eat – God set a law for Adam & Eve. (Don’t eat from one tree!) They had a choice to eat or not.
Subdue – God said to subdue the earth (discipline).
Dress & Keep – They were to keep home and self neat & clean. Show Difference – God made male and female… a complete couple!
Be Blessed – God’s first act to both of them was to “bless” them. Be Fruitful – God’s first words to the couple were on intimacy: “Be fruitful” (have children).
Be One – God made two and told them to become one. They completed each other as husband and wife.
Application: God’s way is as good today as it was in the beginning. Learn to benefit from His Blessed Way!

This is The Blessed Way – RC