Where It All Began

As I began writing this article today, I was thinking about where it all began. I was a pastor in a local church that had just hosted a Fantastic Saturday meeting. The theme for that meeting was “Come Help Us!” It was taken from the book of Acts where the “Man of Macedonia” was inviting Paul to come over to help them. Ted Camp had shared lessons all day about the need for workers with the Deaf. I was pretty comfortable and not feeling a great deal of conviction, because I was the pastor of the church. Surely God would call someone else to go to help the Deaf … I was already too busy! On Sunday afternoon, Ted and Carlene left our home to head back down south again. When we went into the room they had been staying in that weekend, I saw a hand-written note from Miss Carlene that simply said, “Come, Help Us!” I remember standing there in that place, with that note in my hand, thinking … “God, do you want me to go with Silent Word Ministries to work with the Deaf?” As I look back over the years, I realized that it was that simple note on the floor of our room that started me thinking about fully surrendering my heart, hands and head to work with the Deaf. In all these years, I have not felt qualified very often. I have not felt able very often. I have not felt worthy very often. But, in all these years, I have not regretted coming with SWM to help the Deaf “see” the Word of God using my hands. I have rejoiced in seeing many Deaf come to know Jesus’ saving power. What a joy it has been to explain the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to Deaf people all around the world! There is nothing better! Perhaps today you would consider a simple question. Does God want you to “Come Help Us?” I believe someone reading this article today will feel the tug of God on their heart to surrender to help us in the work of reaching the Deaf for Christ all around the world. Come, Help Us!