I wanted to share with you some
I can hear, but I have many Deaf friends and colleagues. Having
Canadian friends, join SWM missionaries Bud & Jenna Ring, Jim & Terry Bracelin,
He's crazy! He's insane!
Many times men try to impress other people with how good
There are several methods of signing. SEE (Signing Exact
Our daughter, Karla, and son-in-law, Scott, after years of saying we will never
Have you ever been in a hurry, gotten to your car, and realized you did not have your
Recently my neighbor started to work in a small area of her
Today would be a good time for you to decide to do right for God. Be a better Christian, man
I want to tell you about my family who wanted me to be saved. I thank God for my
It is important to know how people think differently than we

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