Let’s learn a lesson from a tombstone. Notice most tombstones give dates of birth and dates
Serving others can be hard. You have many responsibilities. Then someone
What's Up? A long-time deaf friend of SWM, James Cunningham (69), of Trenton, Georgia, passed away on Wednesday
Psalm One says that a “blessed” person is one who does NOT walk, stand, or
Let me share with you what
“Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness
From the beginning of Creation, to this very day, it is evident that we humans
How far can you turn your head? Science tells us that many owls can turn their
I am grateful for the godly women God has
I have visited several jails and prisons. Can a person in prison change
I have been redeemed (saved) and
Deaf – Deaf – Deaf! Bucharest, the capital of
We recently had a camp for the deaf. I was reminded of one of our deaf ladies

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