During the 1960s, psychologist Walter Mischel conducted what
Albert Einstein said*, “Education is what remains after one has
What's Up? Sympathies to SWM friend, Sharon Bordean, Liberty Baptist Church of the
Psalm One tells how you can be blessed in life. Three things that you
This is a saying that we often hear, but it is something that tells me
Interpreting is essentially explaining, giving the meaning, and not just
Usually, when asked how I am doing, I reply, “Oh, I’m good,” even though I
When John the Baptist was in prison (because of confronting King Herod for his sin) and
How does this happen?
Many ask why I love trains and why I preach about being on the right
I thank God that the Lord has led me to preach to the Deaf
Many times when you teach, people do not understand some words. Sometimes using words

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