Thomas Alva Edison - Complied
Have you considered that every skilled doctor once saw his first patient? Every lawyer once
Sword Deaf Baptist Church, Clinton, Tennessee, Pastor Fred Adams, will
One night after church, we stopped at a gas station. A young couple had their truc
We all have the important ministry of reaching out to others. Have
Many FingerTips articles emphasize the methods and techniques
During the days of Jesus many people were saved, healed, and changed. This truth is
Every summer I plant a few flowers in front of our house. A couple flower pots sit at the bottom
I have been writing about women in the Bible whose names are not
God is a giving God. God gave us His only begotten Son (John 3:16)
Our SWM Team: Jim & Terry Bracelin, Bud &
SWMI with a team of 12 members went on a summer missions trip
It is important to know how people think differently than we think.

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