For many years SWM has printed and offered Gospel tracts “Free As the Lord Provides.” It is our
What's Up? The National Christian Athletic Association of the Deaf announces its third annual Volleyball
While serving at the Bill Rice Ranch (1973-1993), I had the privilege for many years to be the song leader for Deaf
(Thoughts developed from a message preached by Deaf Pastor John Olson at the 2015 Deaf Baptist Fellowship of
Sometimes, as you travel at night, you see bright lights in the distance. You think it is a sports arena
When you think of the book Micah, think about the prophet Micah and his message o two capital cities Samaria in the
Please keep an open mind and remember that these are my personal opinions about the Deaf in general,
Hearing people tend to think of sign language by associating signs with words. While this may seem to be
SWM Bill and Eleanor Towner are not evangelists or preachers, but have presented themselves
What does delight mean? Delight means to experience great pleasure and joy within your your
The Bible says in Matthew 28:18-20:
Things in Heaven/Hell  What is in Heaven?  What is in Hell? This is the next step in teaching
Introducing Silent Word Ministries International Executive Committee

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