Disclaimer: First, I am not a professional signer, interpreter, or educator,
A woman came to Jesus with a box of precious ointment and poured it on his head. Some
What's Up? The National Christian Athletic Association of the Deaf announces its 3rd annual Volleyball
Can one have too much chocolate? In my opinion the answer is no, definitely not
For over 34 years, God has allowed my husband, Jon, and me to work closely together
Third, Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they
When you think of the book Nahum, remember that God did not send a second great
I have learned that there are some smug “militant” Deaf people with
How many different signs are there in ASL? Martin Sternberg’s “American
Both Jim and Terry graduated college with a
There are some things the Deaf cannot do. Deaf people cannot play
The Bible says in Isaiah 35:5
Last Sunday, I preached for a Deaf Sunday and a Deaf fellowship.
DeafNation World Expo is coming back to Las Vegas in (July) 2016, Thousands

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