I recently attended two funerals. I am glad that both were
Those of us in the deaf ministry realize that God does not call everyone to this
Recent visitors from Waynesboro, Virginia, to Silent Word were Jack & Judy Eastma
Just as ladies’ fashions change from year to year, it
When our children had grown and both gone to college, a friend told me to star
Yes, I am learning that a Mom really will do amazing things for her family. As a little girl I
When you think of the book Ezra, think about the scribe Ezra and his work rebuilding worship
I want to learn how to find Deaf in my area. People often ask me
Missionary Bob Himes (BRR Missions) stated, “If they do not
The deaf cannot hear, but they can look to Jesus and stay close
I believe God answers my prayers. Matthew 6:6 says, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter
In 1966, Richard and *Joyce Vick and their four
Discipleship requires a mentor, a mature Christian
We just recently finished our deaf camp here in the Philippines. Two years ago, we met

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