Have you ever thought you were right, but later learned you were wrong
The well-known motto of the Unites States Marine Corps is “Semper Fidelis ” or “Semper Fi,” Latin words which
What's Up? Sympathy to Dr. Terry Buchholz, pastor of Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, Maryland
In our area, northwest Georgia, the summer has been hot and dry. In our backyard
Do you remember tests in school? Sometimes the tests had different types of questions
I've heard some say, “I thought she was a Christian?” “What kind of Christian
When you think of the book Esther, think about Queen Esther with her royal
I want to learn how to think Deaf. I can still hear the voice
As I have traveled, I have noticed that every culture, every language
Mark 7:32 tells that a deaf man was brought to Jesus. Someone
This year I prayed for “more” Deaf souls to be saved. I prayed for those preaching the
Silent Word “Ministry of Helps” Welcomes Jay and Cathy Savelle  (East Ridge, Tennessee)
The work of Jesus Christ on earth
Through the years, I have watched teachers teaching in a box. As they taught

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