I will always remember my friend, Dr. Fred Brown, now in Heaven, making the statement
It is sad to see a fisherman return home without catching any fish. When
What's Up? Super Saturday for the Deaf, January 28, 2017, at Heritage Baptist
Fifty-nine years ago when I was a senior in Dade County high school, our English
One song that was heard several times during the Christmas season
When I cook a good meal and have our children over, they really enjoy
When you think of the book Zechariah, think about the prophet Zechariah telling
Welcome to our new articles for the New Year. This year I will highlight a
Recently, I met a deaf man in Israel. As I signed to him, “Deaf?
any years ago I fell in love with the story of the little train
I thank God that my life and ministry saw God’s goodness last year. It was a good
I have often seen people teaching the deaf. They stand
Discipleship involves people. For discipleship to take place there must be someone

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