very year Christians celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, and Easter, the
Recently, after a Fantastic Saturday, someone asked “Can I become a missionary?” As we
What's Up? The 25th Annual Midwest Deaf Retreat, April 27-29, 2017  will be held at
When you think of Malachi, think about the dirty bread offered to God by the
Newcomers to sign language are often surprised to learn that ASL word
There are some very exciting “new” things happening at
Every year I get a letter from my primary doctor reminding me it is time for my annual
I enjoy shopping, but not for fancy things nor expensive things. I am hungry for
Recently I was asked, “What is your sweet spot?” Also
When I travel to meetings I must stop and eat. I eat at McDonald’s
This year I traveled to Harvest Deaf Men’s Retreat in
Heritage Baptist Church in St. Augustine, FL, honored Steve and Joyce
I feel that discipleship is the heartbeat of Jesus Christ and missions. He
One time I saw a deaf interpreter explain the word

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