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The Silent Word Newspaper – More Information

"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it." – Psalm 68:11


Newspaper: The Silent Word is a Christian newspaper which prints news items, advertisements, and promotions from many different people and areas of the Deaf world. This newspaper is sent to Deaf educational organizations and Deaf schools.

Advertising: SWM requires all ads to agree with our Baptistic Articles of Faith. A copy of SWM articles of faith and guidelines is available upon request. Ads also help pay for the "free" newspaper. Naturally, SWM does not necessarily endorse the policies, programs or principles of advertisers or advertised products or materials. SWM is an independent, missionary, Baptist ministry and is not funded or supported by any foundations or organizations.

Content: SWM reserves absolute right to determine all content of this paper and is not responsible for accuracy of information included.

Churches: Upon request, we will send a free packet of 10, 20, 30, or 50 Newspapers. Nearly 6,000 papers are sent to more than 650 churches. Average circulation is 11,000, with an estimated 50,000 readership.

Printing: This paper is printed by Chattanooga Times Free Press.

E-Mail Policy: SWM does not respond to E-mail/mail without name and address. Please, no forwards, graphics, or e-cards.

Copyright: Permission is granted to copy or reprint any article in The Silent Word newspaper. The article should not be changed, and credit should be given to this publication.

Credit: Author, The Silent Word Newspaper, Silent Word Ministries, <Issue Date>,

– Editor

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