Be Patient – Part 2

We recently had a camp for the deaf. I was reminded of one of our deaf ladies named Diana. She came to our church but did not know many signs. She was also a bit slow. Some of the workers tried to get her saved quickly. But she just could not understand. We decided to take the slow and steady approach. We were patient and taught her as slowly as she needed to be taught. Very slowly she began to understand. Five years later, she was saved. The worker from her church told me she was still faithful to church. She understood because we were patient.

Sometimes people need us not to hurry. Take your time and be patient when teaching them.

1. Do not hurry. I have seen teachers become upset and shout at deaf people who did not understand. Be patient. Help them at their own level of understanding. Help them at their own learning pace. Help them to clearly understand.

2. Be sure they understand before continuing. I was in a class one time when the teacher was teaching about the miracles of Christ. She signed “miracle.” Many of the deaf begin to ask each other, what meant miracle. They asked the teacher what miracle meant? She ignored them and continued teaching. They could not understand the lesson until “miracle” was explained. It is very important to stop and explain what they do not understand. When they understand it, continue.

3. Try different methods and approaches to teaching the lesson. Recently I have been teaching simple doctrines to the deaf here. I had been using an outline method, but they were not remembering the lesson well. I changed the method I was using, and they understood and remembered the lessons much better. (I am now using a method that has a picture, the title and a verse. If you are interested, write me and I will send an example.)

Be patient. You will reap in due season (Gal. 6:9).
Wait, wait, and wait until they understand.

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