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“Bootcamp” for all Deaf Leaders - Silent Word Newspaper
“Bootcamp” for all Deaf Leaders

“Bootcamp” for all Deaf Leaders

There are some very exciting “new” things happening at Silent Word. One is our new website: This website is designed specifically for leaders of the Deaf in America and throughout the world. The Bootcamp program is designed to help teach and train ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission. It will give help, training, encouragement and direction to both seasoned and novice leaders for the Deaf. It will offer various topics that relate to your deaf ministry. We will offer proven programs that have been successful. We often say, “Learn how to do it right the first time.” We offer solutions to common challenges of starting, building and continuing a strong Deaf ministry. We have trusted teachers with many years experience in ministering especially to the Deaf. We have special videos for all leaders both Deaf and Hearing. One goal of SWM has always been to be a friend and help to all. We are now in the early stages and will be adding more and more sessions as we go. We are excited about this new ministry and hope you will check it out. Give your suggestions and comments. Let us know what you think. View:

Also Ted Camp has a new monthly email program: “Link to Deaf Leaders.” Both it and Bootcamp will help your deaf ministry. You can subscribe by clicking here and ask to be added to “Link to Deaf Leaders.”

Together as a team we can do more for Christ!

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