Deaf Can Be Great Christians

I love to read Hebrews chapter eleven. I love to read about the Bible heroes in the Hall of Faith. There was Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, Abel, Joseph, and many other faithful Christians.

There is also a Hall of Fame for football, baseball, and basketball players. Famous sports stars are in special Halls of Fame. Babe Ruth is in the Hall of Fame but, now his records have been broken. God’s Hall of Fame is the best. I want to be in God’s Hall of Fame. I want to break some records as a Deaf man and be in God’s Hall of Fame. I want God to use me! Deaf people can become great Christians who become great preachers, teachers, missionaries and leaders for God. You can become a Christian family leading other families to serve God. Deaf people can be used of God. Deaf people are not handicapped with God. Deaf people have become leaders in many different fields, both professionally and spiritually. Deaf can do it! Who can best reach the Deaf? Other people who are deaf, because we better understand the language and culture of our deaf world. Deaf people can be great for God! Be faithful like Paul. Many deaf people are good and faithful Christians and one day will hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

The Silent Word

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