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SWMI is involved in developing deaf ministries worldwide. God has allowed us to partner with national pastors in Liberia, Africa as we seek to reach the Deaf and teach the Word of God to them. In Ganta City, Liberia, approximately 20 deaf people now meet each Sunday to study the Bible. A small deaf school has also been opened reaching about 25 deaf students. The students range in age from 6–39. Amazingly, this school has no supplies, no materials, no books, no curriculum, and no lesson plans. Five deaf men are used as teachers, although only 2 of them have graduated from high school.

The school is now teaching sign language to the Deaf who once had nothing but a few homemade signs. Many of them are now communicating well, and they have Bible classes daily. However, there are multitudes of minimal language deaf people in Liberia needing education as well as an opportunity to learn the Word of God, they need to be saved. Four months ago, I was in Liberia and was able to lead ten deaf men to Christ, including the 5 deaf teachers mentioned above. Pastor Japheth now works with these men to teach the Bible to them. Pastor Japheth got a burden for the Deaf three years ago when I was there. He is working more and more with the Deaf.

This next summer, I will be leading a team of missionaries and disciples to spend four weeks in Liberia doing teacher training, visitation, and evangelism. We will be working with both deaf and hearing people. Ray and Anita Bradley, veteran missionaries to Ecuador, will be assisting us in the teacher training. I am presently putting together the team so that we can make a great impact on this deaf ministry for years to come.

Also, SWMI will be sending a container of educational materials and books to Liberia in the spring of 2018. This container should arrive before our SWMI team arrives on July 4, so that we may help to organize the resources and use them in the training seminars. We can accept educational materials and books as donations for this ministry. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please let me know personally through an email or phone call. SWMI must also raise a large sum of money to ship this container to Africa. Please contact me for details if you are interested in contributing. This is a very worthy cause, and will have a great impact on many deaf people in Africa for years to come.

This is a huge project! Deaf souls are in the balance. Salvation or damnation? Heaven or Hell? God has raised up SWMI for such a time as this. However, we need you to participate in this Great Commission opportunity in Liberia. Will you pray for this project? Would you give to this project?  The Deaf of Africa need you!
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