Deaf Prayers can be a Sweet Smell to God

When I was 16 years old at the Bill Rice Ranch, I saw my dad, Dr. Bill Rice, Don Cabbage, and Ted Camp talking and drinking coffee. I tried to copy them. I sipped black coffee, but did not like it. I put sugar and much cream in it. I drank it and felt I was a man and felt “cool.” But the coffee still tasted awful. I hate coffee. I hate the smell of coffee. Later my Deaf friend, Allen Snare, and I preached at Teen Deaf Camp. Allen drank coffee with false cream. He offered me coffee. I said, “No! I hate coffee.” Allen did not give up. For years he offered me coffee again and again, but I refused. Finally I drank coffee with French Vanilla cream. I liked it! Now I love coffee and the smell of coffee. I get energy from caffeine. Some Deaf don’t like coffee or smell of coffee. Oops! – Sorry, you lose energy, and “cool” fellowship.

Then I read in Revelation 8:4  “And the smoke of the incense (smell), which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God…” As I smell coffee, God smells prayers. As I now enjoy the smell of coffee, the Lord enjoys the incense from my prayers. My prayers “smell good” to God. I enjoy my coffee, but I am more excited about my fellowship and prayers with God (Phil 4:6-7). The Deaf can also pray and have sweet fellowship with God.

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