These many years I have served the Lord in five different Baptist churches, at Bill Rice Ranch and SWM. As I pastored I was laid off because of church finances. I was discouraged and thought about quitting the ministry as a pastor or missionary. During that time a deaf leader called and ask me to preach to his deaf department of a Baptist church for Deaf Day in Atlanta, Georgia. I went there and saw over 100 deaf people come to the meeting. The Lord remind me to look at them. He told me, “Who will help the Deaf people?” My heart became burdened for them. I answered and told the Lord, “Me! I will go to the Deaf people and I will not stop serving You.” I decided that nothing would stop me. No matter to me what happens I still stay and serve the Lord.

Later I told Ted and Carlene Camp that I was laid off from my church and I felt God wanted me to be a missionary with Silent Word Ministries. But Ted refused me. Then I prayed to God, and He still wanted me to join SWM. So, I called Ted by TTY and asked him to pray. God touched Ted’s heart about me. Finally Ted called me that I may join SWM. I thank God I did not quit! I want to tell all Christians do not stop serving the Lord. Stay faithful to serve the Lord. He loves you so much to serve Him, and He uses you to help other Deaf people be saved. I am happy I never quit! You also need to decide to never quit Christ,

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