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DO YOU HAVE A VISION? - Silent Word Newspaper


What is the content of your vision? Have you ever written out your vision? Vision is important but so is your written statement of vision. Vision statements define your purpose of existence. Vision keeps you focused on the needs you see and helps you set your goals, objectives, and priorities. In 1993 we established the Bible Baptist Church for both deaf and hearing people in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We had 156 people in our first service. After that we dropped to average 44, 46, 52, 58, and 65 in the next five months. God was very good and we saw many deaf people saved in the first two years. Then I had to train these people in the Biblical purpose of the church. We wrote a vision statement for our church in order to keep the church people focused on our purpose for existence as a church. I will translate, from Portuguese, our vision statement for you.

The Bible Baptist Church exists……to glorify God; to create and provide opportunities for the deaf and hearing to worship God, to serve the body of Christ, and to fellowship with the brethren; and to edify the saints in order to preach the Gospel of Christ to the lost, make disciples of Jesus Christ through the Word of God, prepare and equip leaders in the local church, teach and train laborers for the ministry, and plant churches of like faith and practice, with the purpose of being obedient to the Great Commission of Christ.

In fewer than 100 words we stated our whole purpose, focus, and ministry. That is very concise, yet thorough. We then shortened it more to make it easier to remember.

The Bible Baptist Church exists……to glorify God, to win souls, to make disciples of Christ, to equip leaders, to train laborers, and to plant churches in obedience to the Great Commission.

In 32 words we defined our purpose which set the guidelines for the priorities of our ministry. Do you know the purpose of your church? Do the deaf know your church’s purpose? Many people know some of the activities you are involved in but do not realize the full scope of the ministry. Some probably do not understand why you do what you do as a church. And then some just trust you so much that they never question you on why you as a church do certain things. That can be a mistake. Your church people must know what the purpose of the church is, if they are to wholeheartedly and effectively serve and edify the church. Our people must be trained to do the work of the ministry. But to do that, the first step is to lay a foundation of purpose, stated in some sort of vision, or purpose, statement.