Eastern Europe: Deaf People Need the Gospel

Deaf – Deaf – Deaf! Bucharest, the capital of Romania, with over 2 million people, has many Deaf people needing Christ. We are not aware of a Baptist church reaching out to the Deaf in this city. Ploiești, a nearby city of a quarter of a million people, has a group of 10-15 Christian Deaf people with no church and no interpreter or preacher. SWMI needs a missionary there! All of Romania is the same, but it is even worse in Bulgaria, south of Romania. In Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, we know of only one deaf couple who knows Christ. Who will reach them? SWMI needs a missionary there! Also we do not know of even one deaf Christian in all of Greece, south of Bulgaria. There are very few missionaries reaching the Deaf. Laborers are greatly needed. SWMI is not just looking for someone who knows Sign Language! We are looking for someone who has a heart for the lost Deaf! We are seeking men who love God’s Word and desire to preach it! SWMI is looking for true disciples of Christ, willing to deny themselves and follow Christ all the way to deaf people in Eastern Europe!

CHALLENGE! Europe is a mission field! SWMI’s goal is to evangelize and train deaf men to reach these countries. Our first missionary to the Deaf in Romania plans to be on the field in November. Others are committed and preparing to form a team there. Does God want you to join this new SWMI Eastern European mission team? Also, watch for more details about the upcoming SWMI team to the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas (2020). Contact me if you are interested in either of these opportunities. Contact David by clicking here.

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