Exciting African Missions Trips 2018

What can you do to help reach deaf people for the Lord in Africa? First, some background. I traveled to Africa in January. It was a tremendous blessing to minister to deaf people in Liberia before being led of the Lord to deaf people in Guinea, Morocco, and in Burkina Faso. (Detailed reports on my Facebook page.) However, SWMI, in partnership with national missionaries with IPM, is focusing on deaf ministries in northern Liberia. In conjunction with the Great Commission Fundamental Baptist Church (GCFBC) in Ganta City, SWMI has already helped to start a deaf ministry and is being used to strengthen a new deaf school. In August 2017, I was able to lead 6 Liberian deaf men to Christ. Since then, several other deaf people have come to Christ through the preaching and teaching of these men.

The largest obstacle we face is the lack of sign language and education in 95% of the deaf population of this region. The government has no national deaf school. Sign language is used by a minority of the deaf, mainly by those in the capital city.

In order to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these deaf people more quickly, it is necessary to teach them sign language and to give them an education so they can read and write. The GCFBC has started this school for this specific reason. Presently, the school only has one table, 6 benches, a chalkboard and chalk. I have already supplied a few Bibles, but no other books are available. Therefore, SWMI has agreed to ship a container of furniture, equipment, and educational materials for the school. That shipping container will go to Liberia in the next few weeks. Also, I am taking a team of 12 people to Liberia in July, 2018. We will be doing teacher training, teaching them how to use books, curriculum, and how to make visuals. We are basically starting at Ground Zero, and there is much work to be done with the teachers themselves, as well as the students. We will also be doing evangelism, some theological teaching, and providing theological materials. Finances for this trip are also needed.

SWMI is committed to raising $28,000 for building two classrooms, a men’s dormitory, and a supervisor’s residence. We hope to build this in the next 15 months, Lord willing. Obviously, we are in need of more finances to accomplish these initial steps in the development of this Christian deaf school. This is where you come in. We need your help. We need your prayers and your sacrificial financial support. Please send your gifts to SWM, earmarked for the “African Project.”

Our SWMI summer team will also be holding a deaf camp in the Ivory Coast in August. BIMI veteran missionaries, Raymond and Anita Bradley, are accompanying us in order to do much of the teaching and training. Raymond will also be preaching at the deaf camp. Again, your prayers during the next several weeks and months are vital to the blessings of God upon these Great Commission endeavors. Thank you and may God bless you.

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