Follow The Best Examples!

Children “follow after” those they see and spend time with. If a child’s parents are in the home (and take time with the child), that child will “pattern” after the parents’ example and grow up to be like them. I remember putting my little feet into my father’s big shoes. I would feel his stubby whiskers and trace my finger over the veins on the backs of his hands. Today, I am much like my father. I drive like he drove. I back my car into parking places like he backed his car into parking places. I polish my shoes like he polished his shoes. This is how children become like their parents. Even with my grown children, people have told them: “You drive like your dad” or “You sign like your dad.”

You should not be surprised to know that Jesus (God’s Son) also patterned after God (his Father). God was always present with Jesus. Jesus spent much time with his Father through prayer and study of Scripture. The only time that God was absent was when he forsook Jesus and turned away from him (as Jesus died on the cross for our sins). Truly, Jesus could say: “I and my father are one.

In the next Silent Word newspaper, I will show many things that Jesus followed or copied… “the same as” his Father.

You are not alone in life. You have many godly examples to follow, including God and Jesus!

This is The Blessed Way – RC

The Silent Word

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