From 1 to 125 Deaf in One Week

Calvary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan – Pastor Dr. David Allen – In April 1975, I went to help this church with a deaf ministry. The church had about 2,000 in attendance, but they only had one deaf person. On Monday I talked to the pastor and informed him that he did not have a deaf ministry. The need was not nightly preaching but to organize a deaf ministry and evangelize the area. Thousands of deaf lived in the Detroit area, and they needed to be reached for Christ. He quickly called a board meeting and asked me to inform the board of my needs and plans to reach the deaf. We canceled the nightly meetings and elected to teach and train the leaders in the ministry. We would contact and visit the deaf during the day. We dedicated one week to see what the Lord would do. I requested a man to daily visit the deaf with me. I also got permission to send a flyer to the area deaf for a special “Saturday Night Meeting.” Daily I visited the area deaf. I visited 75 deaf homes during the week. On Tuesday I mailed the flyer to my special deaf list and prayed. What were the final results? On Saturday night we had 125 deaf attend the meeting. Seven deaf were saved and many dedicated their lives to the Lord. We went from 1 deaf to 125 in one week. It was exciting to see what the Lord could do. The ministry was established. I learned that if we will do our part, then the Lord will do His. It has been said, “Pray as though it depends upon God, but work as though it depends upon you.” During a storm two preachers in a row boat were being tossed in the water. One said, “Should we row or pray?” The other preacher yelled, “Do both!” I wonder what would happen in your ministry if you would diligently give your all for three months. It may surprise you!

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