From My Home to Yours

What can a good meal do to help?

When I cook a good meal and have our children over, they really enjoy it. There is little talking when the meal is served. Later, when stomachs are full, talking and laughter begins. When I have a need and someone makes a meal for me, I am encouraged and strengthened. I remember, after I gave birth, people from our church brought meals for our family. That was a real blessing! At that time, I didn’t have much strength. I had only enough to take care of myself and our new little baby. When others brought the meal, it gave me time to continue to rest and heal. It gave me time to become stronger.

In Acts 27, I read the story of Paul and others on a ship in the middle of a storm. None of them had eaten for about two weeks. Right in the middle of the storm, Paul encouraged those on the ship to eat. “And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks to God in presence of them all: and when he had broken it, he began to eat. Then were they all of good cheer, and they also took some meat” (Acts 27:35-36).

The middle of the storms that life brings is often the hardest time for people. That is a wonderful time for you to be an encouragement and blessing to them. A good meal can give a person physical strength and hope to continue. Recently a new family moved into the house across the street from our home. I quickly got busy and made them a pie. I took it over to them with a smile and a tract, to welcome them to our neighborhood. You can do the same thing! Look for opportunities to be a witness and an encouragement to someone else today. Make a pie, a meal, or cookies and brighten someone else’s day! Just as the men on the ship with Paul were strengthened when they took time to eat, you can strengthen others by your acts of kindness. A good meal makes good memories!

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