Hands used of God

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The Bible records how God used many ordinary things that became supernatural. God used two mites in the hands of a widow to bring Him glory. God used a simple needle in the hands of Dorcas to sew for and serve others (Acts 9:36-40). God used a small lad with only a small lunch to feed the multitude (John 6:9). God used a jaw bone in the hands of Samson to slay a thousand Philistines (Judges 15:15). God used a slingshot in the hands of David to kill the giant (1 Samuel 17:50). God used an ox goad in the hands of Shamgar to kill 600 Philistines (Judges 3:31). God used a simple rod in the hand of Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. “And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee. And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod” (Exodus 4:1-2). It was just a rod – a big stick! But a rod in the hands of Moses brought many great victories. It was just a stick! But when it was in the hands of Moses, it became the rod of God. Notice after Moses used the rod, it was referred to as the “rod of God,” not the “rod of Moses.” Pharaoh feared the rod of God. The worth and value depends upon God and whose hands are being used.

What is in Your Hands? – A basketball in my hands is worth less than $20. A basketball in the hands of an NBA professional is worth many millions of dollars a year. A baseball in my hands is worth about $6. A baseball in the hand of an MLB player is worth many millions of dollars a year. Even some signed baseballs are very valuable. A golf club in my hands is worth about $25. A golf club in the hands of a PGA or LPGA golfer is worth many millions of dollars a year. A tennis racket in my hand is worth about $25. A tennis racket in the hand of an ATP (Men) or WTA (Women) player is very valuable. A football in my hand is worth about $20. A football in the hand of an NFL or AFL player is worth a fortune. A paint brush in my hands is worth about $3.75, but a paint brush in the hands of some artists is worth multiple millions of dollars and even more after they die. But it seems there is not much demand for my art, so I just give it away free to those who may not even want it. A rod in my hands might keep away wild animals. A rod in the hand of Moses parted the Red Sea. A slingshot in my hands is worthless. A slingshot in the hands of David was a mighty weapon. A needle in my hands is useless. A needle in the hands of Dorcas blessed many. Two fish and five loaves of bread in my hands would make a couple of fish sandwiches. Two fish and five loaves given to the hands of God fed thousands. Nails in my hands might produce an unsightly birdhouse. Nails in the hands of Jesus provided salvation for all mankind. Tools in my hands would be of no value, but Sign Language with my hands can become God’s voice to the Deaf world. So you see the worth and value is not placed upon the object, but whose hand has it and whose authority is behind it. God makes your hands become valuable when used for His glory. If you are a Deaf teacher, preacher to the deaf, an interpreter or a Deaf missionary, your hands can be used of God. Your hands can become the voice of God.

Would you now take time to just look at your hands? Look at the palms and the backs of your hands. Then observe the fingers. Think of the many ways your hands have been beneficial to you. As a baby, you used your hands to hold a bottle, to pick up things and put them into your mouth. As a junior, you used your hands to play, write, pet animals, and eat ice cream. As a young person, you used your hands to throw a ball, push playmates, point fingers, and text friends. Then as a young adult, you used your hands as useful tools of instruments. At times your hands can be abusive, accusing, giving, taking, touching, or caring. Now, look at your hands again, and realize they can also be tools or instruments of grace and service for the Lord. Surrender them to the Lord, and these five-fingered appendages can become the hands and voice of the Lord to the Deaf. Look at your hands. They may be short, fat, long, stiff, or clumsy, but they are beautiful hands when they sign and become the voice for God to help deaf people understand the Bible. In Heaven, deaf people can thank you with their voices because you used your hands to help them be saved. Will you dedicate your hands to sign and tell the Deaf world about God? There are many unreached deaf who need to be reached for Christ. The deaf world is still a frontier ministry. “Go into all the world” includes the deaf. Again, God does not call everyone to the Deaf, but He does call some. Have you been called? Will you dedicate your heart and let God use your hands to reach the Deaf for Him?

If you teach the Deaf, your hands become the Word of God. If you interpret, your hands become God’s voice to the Deaf. One deaf lady said, “Thank God for my interpreter. Now I understand about God.” If you sing in signs, then your hands become an instrument that can reach the heart of the Deaf. If you preach, your hands are a direct contact from God to their eyes and hearts. If you are a missionary, you have the privilege to preach the Gospel where no one has ever gone before. The Deaf in foreign countries can now understand and be saved. So take a moment and look again at your hands. Think! Your hands can be used of God to reach the unreached Deaf in your area. If you do not help them, who will? Can you see the deaf signing, “Come and help us”? One day in Heaven, where the Deaf ears will be opened, the Deaf will thank you for the times and opportunities that you used your hands so they could be in Heaven. Tools in your hands may be of no value, but signs in your hands become the voice of God that can make a difference in the deaf world for eternity. Use your hands for God’s glory. Think about it! Your hands can be used to help deaf people go to Heaven. Because they have lost their hearing, they do not need to lose their souls. Deaf people have souls, lives, families, and friends. Someone needs to help them understand the Gospel. Dedicate your heart, and the Lord will use your hands! The greatest need of Deaf people is not to hear, but to be saved, because they will hear forever in Heaven.“Go into all the world”- Includes the Deaf (Mark 16:15).

[ ] “Yes, I now dedicate my hands to be used of the Lord to reach the Deaf.”

Signed_______________________________ [ ]Hearing [ ] Deaf
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