Happy New Year

This past year some have struggled with sin, problems, bad attitudes, and an unhappy year. The devil wants deaf people to be sad and depressed and unused of God. The devil wants deaf to be angry with hot temper and be mad at one another. God wants to help you to have a better attitude this new year. Everyone says, “Happy New Year,” but everyone is not happy. You cannot have a happy new year with a bad attitude. This year learn to submit, yield, and give yourself to God. “Submit (give) yourselves therefore to God. Resist (stand against) the devil, and he will flee (run away) from you. Draw nigh (come near, close) to God, and He will draw nigh (come near close) to you” (James 4:7-8). As we give ourselves to God and ask for His forgiveness, we can be near to God. God wants us to draw close to Him, and He will draw close to us to help us stand strong against the devil, sin and the world.
I confess once I had a very hot temper. I had to slowly learn that I could not serve God when I was mad at others. Now I notice my grandsons have hot tempers over toys and games. I think I was once the same as a child with my hot temper. I am still a not-perfect person, but I try to improve and quickly ask God and others to forgive me. This year let’s learn to draw nigh (close to God) and let Him draw nigh to us to help us change our negative and bad attitudes. It is important that others see Christ in our lives. The deaf can stop bad attitudes and start a good attitude this year. Then we will all have a “Happy New Year.”