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Hungry or Satisfied? - Silent Word Newspaper
Hungry or Satisfied?

Hungry or Satisfied?

I enjoy shopping, but not for fancy things nor expensive things. I am hungry for bargains. Flea markets, thrift stores, resale stores, discount stores, even some salvage stores are some of my favorite places. I am excited when there is a need (whether for myself, my family, the SWM office, Fantastic Saturday prizes, gifts for others, or just about anything), and I find it at a bargain price. I take advantage of coupons, specials, rebates, rewards, or other discounts. And the best time is when I can get all of those at the same time! I enjoy telling others about the good deals I got, the new discount stores in town, or a way to save money or earn points when ordering online. Some of the saddest shopping days for me are when I hunt and hunt and still have to pay full price; when I buy something, thinking it is a good deal, only to find a better price a day or two later; or when it has been a while since shopping, but there are not really any needs – no bargains to search for!

Revelation 3:17 says the church at Laodicea felt they had “need of nothing.” They were satisfied with their things and with their spiritual lives. They thought they did not need more from the Lord. They were not hungry for Him to work in their lives. It seems many Christians in America are the same. When first saved, they wanted to learn and grow. They searched the Bible to learn the ways of following God and pleasing Him with their lives. They listened fervently to preaching, desiring God to touch their hearts. When they prayed about a need and God answered it, they told many others. However, as time passed, the tendency was to become satisfied. They had read the Bible, heard it preached many times, seen people accept the Lord, heard testimonies, and sung songs. There was little hunger for God.

A hunger for bargains may cause us to spend hours hunting for them, days researching the best brands and best prices, and time cutting out coupons and sending in rebates. What will a hunger for God do? Will we spend time digging in the Bible for God’s message for us; love people enough to give them the Gospel and teach them; pray earnestly for spiritual needs around us; renew our amazement of God’s love and care for us? We must not be satisfied spiritually. Let us become hungry for the things of God!

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