Introducing Allen Snare

Missionary to the Deaf World

Allen Snare was born Deaf on April 14, 1947, and grew up in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. His parents, Blaine and Freda Snare, lived in Pennsylvania for many years. He has three brothers and three sisters who are all hearing. He also has a twin sister, Faye. He was born sixth and Faye was born seventh, making a total of seven children in their family. In 1967, he graduated from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. He was led to the Lord by Bill Rice III in 1968. He graduated in 1975 from Tennessee Temple Schools in Chattanooga. He pastored Deaf churches in Texas, Colorado, Alabama, and Ohio. He was a missionary with Bill Rice Ranch Missions in Tennessee, for three years. Later, he served as Deaf pastor with Faith Baptist Church in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania for twelve years. God led him to return as a missionary and go to the Deaf world. He joined Silent Word Ministries in 1998. Now Allen preaches worldwide with a great burden to see Deaf people saved. His wife, Debbie, who was also Deaf, passed away with cancer in 2006. They have three children, Joy (hearing), John (Deaf) and Justin (Deaf). He is a grandfather with three grandchildren. One granddaughter is also deaf. Allen Snare is one of God’s choice soul winners to the Deaf world. He is worthy of your prayers and support. For more information, or to schedule a meeting, To contact Allen click here:

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