Lack of Leadership

There seems to be a great lack of good leaders in the Deaf and Hearing world today. I will be sharing some leadership principles I have learned from the lives of other leaders. The principle I want to share with you at this time is simply that God will not give a person the responsibility of leading others, if that person is not in control of his own actions, life and ministry. One of the qualities Paul mentioned in I Timothy 3:2, is that the leader must be of good behavior. These words mean that the man who wants to be a leader must behave himself within the guidelines of goodness. It means that a good leader needs to show others that he has order and purpose. Your actions and reactions are very important. If I want God to use me, I must live a controlled life, following the Bible plan for right behavior (actions). Many have told me they want to be leaders, but I watch their behavior, and it doesn’t match what they want to do. They are disqualified to be leaders. I cannot be a good leader and allow my temper to control my actions. I cannot be a good leader and practice bad habits before others. I cannot be a good leader and be unfaithful to church and other services. I cannot be a good leader if others know I cheat, gossip or lie. Do you see the connection? Leadership begins and ends with God. Leaders need to first be good examples for others to follow. You can preach/teach great lessons, but your testimony speaks louder than your lesson. So being a leader is far more than telling others what to do. It also involves our living right before others as godly leaders. We need more godly leaders in our deaf ministries to be examples for the deaf to follow. We cannot be a hypocrite, two-faced, and godly at the same time. If you desire to be a leader, ask God to help you to live and do right before Him and others. Seek good behavior. Be a good godly leader. Then the Lord will lead you and others will follow you. More next issue!

The Silent Word

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