Learn Important Lessons

One of the most important lessons a leader can learn is one that Moses learned the hard way. He was born in an unusual time in the history of Israel. The Jews were slaves in Egypt when Moses was born, and the Pharaoh (king) had ordered all Jewish boys to be killed as soon as they were born. God allowed Moses to be “adopted” by the daughter of the Pharaoh. Because of that, he was raised in the palace and given all the best of everything he could want. He saw an Egyptian abusing some Jewish slaves. He tried to be a leader when he acted in his own wisdom and strength. He killed the Egyptian when he thought no one was looking. He then had to run and hide in the desert because Pharaoh found out what happened. He waited forty years in the desert until God called him to lead the Jews out of captivity. During those forty years, God did a work in Moses that all leaders need. God taught Moses the value of being humble. Forty years earlier, Moses depended on his wisdom and strength. When God called him from the burning bush, Moses had learned that he could not lead without the help of God.

If we want to be good leaders in Deaf ministry today, we need to learn to be humble. We need to focus on what God can do more than what we can do. As good leaders, we need to learn that it is our responsibility to build up others, more than to have people praise us. We should think of others before we think about our own desires. Moses, David, Peter, and Paul all had to learn this important lesson. We each need to learn it as well. God is looking for good leaders who will serve others and remain humble. Can God use you today, or are you too proud? Be humble and desire to help others, and God will use you! Learn important lessons and never stop learning. When you stop learning, you will stop leading.  More next issue!