Line Up

Sometimes people are just going about their normal routines and suddenly feel a sharp or stabbing pain. Maybe it has happened to you. You bent over and almost could not get back up. Or maybe you “slept wrong” and felt that “crick in your neck” that prevented you from turning your head the rest of the day, or you stood almost the whole day because it hurt too much to sit down. Often when this happens, people turn to a chiropractor to help get them back in alignment. Some studies show that when the parts of the body are lined up correctly, they will work properly, resulting in better health, comfort, and strength. Even a small curve where it should not be, or the lack of a curve where it should be, can affect the body’s function and cause pain. The person’s body needs to be “adjusted,” or lined up, for it to function correctly and without pain.

But the Bible speaks of another type of alignment that can have even more important results. Psalm 7:10 tells Christians that our defense comes from God when our hearts are “upright,” straight, lined up with Him. We need His defense because of our enemies. These enemies are not our neighbors, co-workers, political officials, those of different religious beliefs, nor even those who claim to have no need of God. Our greatest enemy is often our flesh and our desires. We daily struggle with the enemies of pride, greed, wrong thoughts, a critical spirit, jealousy, or a lack of faith and prayer. When we take off on our own paths, lining up with our wills instead of His will, the enemies of worry, bitterness, gossip, lying, and even laziness can attack and conquer us. We can try to defeat these with our own strength, but we will fail. But when we “adjust” our hearts and line up with God and His Word, He becomes our strong defense against the enemy. He is our shield, and nothing can get past His defense!

Proper alignment physically may get your body working for you and prevent aches and pains, but proper alignment spiritually – your heart aligned with God and His plan for your life – will place God as your defense from those spiritual enemies and sins that could cause great spiritual pain in your life. Line up with God!

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