Make Yourself Valuable

What is God looking for in a person that He can use? Many people think that God wants us to be highly educated. Some think that God wants us to have a lot of money. Some think that God wants us to be beautiful, or handsome before He will use us. Some in Deaf ministry think that we must be able to sign with great skill and be able to fingerspell at the speed of light. Many Deaf and Hearing think that a person must know all the answers to the questions about the Bible before they can be used by God. If you read your Bible, and look around the world at the people God uses today, you will find that He is not interested in the things I listed above. He is interested in a person who will allow Him to do whatever He wants in his heart. Today God is done working and looking. I believe He is still looking for people like Moses, who could not speak well and had no authority. I believe He is still looking for young people like David, who could not use a spear or sword, but had a slingshot God could use to kill Goliath. He is still looking for teenagers like Daniel, who decided that they would not follow the ways of the world, but would remain true and faithful to God. He is still looking for men like Clifford Smith, who was missing parts of his fingers, but helped light the fire for Deaf ministry in the heart of Ted Camp. He is looking for men like Ted Camp, who will commit their lives to doing everything, and anything possible to reach Deaf people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Could it be that your name is next on the list of who God wants to use? Of course, it is possible. The question is not whether God wants to use you. The question is whether or not you will allow God to use you? He can use anyone at any time. Will you surrender what you have to Him today? He can use whatever you bring Him and place in His hand. Don’t wait to be qualified … just volunteer and make yourself valuable.

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