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When you think of Malachi, think about the dirty bread offered to God by the returned remnant.

Malachi is the last of three prophetic books (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi) written for the Jewish Nation after their release from captivity. The remnant had returned with hopes of rebuilding their temple, their wall, and their worship. After rebuilding their temple and wall, however, they worshiped God with only “half a heart.” They offered bread to God as required by law, but it was polluted and worthless. They sacrificed lambs to God… but only the blind or crippled ones. Their halfhearted religion was shown by ten questions they asked God: “Wherein hast thou loved us?” (1:2), “Wherein have we despised thy name?” (1:6), “Wherein have we polluted thee?” (1:7), “Wherefore?” (2:14), “Wherein have we wearied him?” (2:17), “Where is the God of judgment?” (2:17), “Wherein shall we return?” (3:7), “Wherein have we robbed thee?” (3:8), “What have we spoken so much against thee?” (3:13), “What profit is it that we have kept his ordinance, and that we have walked mournfully before the LORD of hosts?” (3:14).

Think About: “Sacrifice” (noun) – the giving of something of great value. “Sacrifice” in Malachi. The returned Jewish remnant repaired the Temple and the wall of Jerusalem. They built their fine homes and had an outward form of religion. They faithfully offered their sacrifices to God, but it was no real sacrifice. They only offered their polluted bread and lame animals. They kept the best for themselves and offered of the rest to God.

Application: Consider what God has given you… your life, his Word, and his Son, Jesus Christ. One thing he asks of you… your heart! … Thanks for studying with us!

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