My Missionary Missions

On April 26 and 27 I went to Colorado Springs, Colorado for my preaching to the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America Western States at Solid Rock Deaf Baptist Church where Dean Francini is the pastor. There were 55 people from Colorado, Arizona, Washington State and California. Praise the Lord that it was good group. I preached three times. Four other preachers and one deaf lady taught the classes for the workshops. Many people came to dedicate their lives to the Lord. On Sunday morning I taught the Sunday School class and preached the morning service. I enjoyed being with Deaf and Hearing people from Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America Western States and Solid Rock Deaf Baptist Church.

I went to Belle Meadows Baptist Church in Bristol, Virginia on May 3. I preached to the Deaf Chapel. Praise the Lord! One deaf man came to be saved. Pray for me as I have planned to go to the Bill Rice Ranch Deaf Camp in Tennessee and to the Pennsylvania Deaf Camp this summer. Thank you for traveling with me on journeys.

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