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Do Not Be Shy 2 - Teach Simple - Silent Word Newspaper
Do Not Be Shy 2 – Teach Simple

Do Not Be Shy 2 – Teach Simple

One time I saw a deaf interpreter explain the word “grace” to a deaf class. He explained it as “the undeserved merit of God.” None of the deaf understood it. I instructed him instead to define grace as “God’s free love to sinners.” The worker said, “I cannot do that. I would be ashamed. That is too simple!” Instead, I explained it to the class. They all understood. Nehemiah 8:8 explains how Ezra and Nehemiah taught God’s Word to the people and CAUSED them to understand. Our main goal is to teach and preach so people can understand God’s Word. We need to keep it simple so the basic teachings of God can be understood, believed, accepted and followed.

For many years I taught classes for special deaf kids. This included uneducated, non-signers, mentally and emotionally challenged, and other physical problems. Many times I would teach the simple teaching – God good. I signed this over and over and over and over and over and over until they understood it. Many times other workers would make fun of me and mock the simple teaching methods I used. However, the deaf UNDERSTOOD! Teaching simply is the only way some deaf will ever understand.

The truth is that all people can benefit from some simple teaching. Our purpose is for people to know and understand God’s Word. Simple is the way to teach. Do not be shy or embarrassed about teaching things in a way that would seem elementary or overly simple. The goal is that people can understand. When they understand, they can follow God.

Keep it simple. More about this next time.

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