Do not be shy! – Actions

I have often seen people teaching the deaf. They stand stiffly in front. They sign only without expressions or any body movement. At the end, the deaf often have said to me, “I understood his signs, but what did he say?” The teacher used no actions in teaching so the deaf did not understand. Many teachers tell me they are shy to act out the signs. Do not be shy. Use actions and body movement when teaching to help the people understand. Remember:

1. Actions are part of the Sign Language. (Instead of signing, “The boy open the umbrella,” just sign “boy” and act as if you are opening the umbrella.) These actions in the place of signs or words are an important part of Sign Language. They are used every day by the deaf.

2. Use actions to explain hard words or ideas. Recently I was explaining about pride and humility. Here in the Philippines, people often cut or push in lines at the store. I used an acted-out story of people pushing through the line to explain they were proud and put themselves first.

3. Use actions to tell the Bible stories. I act out the story so the deaf can understand. (By the way, think through the story first. This will help you to act it out so the deaf can understand.) Sometimes, some hard to understand stories can be easily taught if you act them out.

Do not be shy…
Use actions to explain God’s Word
so the deaf can understand His word

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