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One-on-one Teaching - Silent Word Newspaper
One-on-one Teaching

One-on-one Teaching

Years ago, we met a deaf girl named Diana. She did not know Signs very well. We tried to teach her in a class with others, but she just could not understand. We separated her from the other students and taught her what she needed to know. Finally, 5 years later, she was saved. Sometimes, some deaf need to be taught one on one.

1. Some special needs deaf need special teaching. This includes visually-impaired deaf, other types of physically-impaired deaf, and deaf with behavior problems. You will need to physically help them in various ways. For example, visually-impaired deaf may need to hold the pictures and look at them very closely. Other deaf may not be able to sign well because of their physical limitations. Be patient and adapt your teaching so they can learn.

2. Non-educated deaf. These deaf have no education. They have little knowledge. They often do not know how to act in a group. They may know a few signs, but have little experience in learning.

3. Low or Non-Verbal deaf. These deaf do not know sign language. They need to be separate so you can teach them a language before you begin teaching them the Bible. You can get different flash cards that will teach different words. (NOTE: Do not teach the ABC’s first. Hearing children learn words long before they learn the ABC’s. Teach everyday signs so they can begin to communicate.) By one-on-one teaching, you can learn their individual learning levels and adjust your teaching to their needs.

Teach one on one those deaf who have special needs, so they can also learn God’s Word.