Pray for the Deaf in India

Recently I visited a deaf school in Imphal, Manipur, India. They had 120 Deaf enrolled. I spoke with the director almost two hours. I heard a list of of grievances and complaints about how the government does not care for the Deaf nor for their needs. I also heard about the moral and social problems of these Deaf. Most of them come from homes that are Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim. They know nothing of Christ and His salvation. My heart was saddened as I left the school. I thought of the need of reaching Deaf people in this northeastern state of 3 million people. A Christian day school is needed badly. However, there is a greater need for someone to train Christians who will reach these Deaf people for Christ. Who will go? Pray, too, for the Deaf in Europe! Ten percent of the Deaf in the world live in Europe. Deaf people in Europe need Jesus Christ just like hearing people need Christ. I have come to the conclusion that we have done a better job at reaching Deaf people for Christ in Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia than we have done in Europe. That is sad. Europe is home to some of the most intelligent, affluent, and professional Deaf. These Deaf are a mission field! They are very influential in Europe and beyond. SWMI desires to tap into this mission field. This is a rich field of laborers for Christ, but they must know Christ first! They must be discipled long term. I spoke with a missionary in Romania recently who told me of a group of Deaf who want to attend the local Baptist Church, but they do not have an interpreter. Even more disconcerting is the fact that one of the Deaf men has a desire to be in the ministry, but there is no one to disciple him or to train him for ministry. This is very sad. SWMI is praying and seeking to put together a team of missionaries in Romania for countrywide ministry there, a team that will also strategically seek to reproduce disciples of Christ in other European countries. Missionaries are needed now. Please pray for this great need!

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