Review – Say it Again, and Again, and Again…

One of the most important things to remember in teaching is to review. It is important that they understand your teaching as you teach. If they do not understand or do not remember, new information will be misunderstood or forgotten, too.

1. Review last week’s lesson. Do not start a new lesson without first reviewing the last one. In fact, I often review several lessons to be sure they remember.

2. Review the current lesson AS you teach it. You can do this section by section. Teach a certain section and then review it. Teach a new section, and then review that, too. For example, in teaching creation, I would first teach about the third day. Then I would review what God made on the third day. (I would start at the beginning and review all the days before starting on a new day.)

3. Review at the end of the lesson. Briefly review the main teachings of your lesson.

4. Do not stop reviewing until most people remember it.

5. Get the students involved in reviewing. Make reviewing a game or a contest.

Next time, methods of reviewing.
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