The Son Followed The Father

God is a Faithful Creator (I Peter 4:19). God is also a Faithful Father. Jesus was able to follow God, His Father. Jesus’ work followed God’s work (John 9:4). In the beginning, God built all things through creation. Jesus builds His Church. God created through His Word. Jesus builds the Church through His Word. Lucifer confronted God. The Devil confronted Jesus. God cast Lucifer out. Jesus told the Devil “Get thee hence, Satan.” God gave life to Adam and Eve. Jesus gives life to believers.

God started with two – Adam & Eve. Jesus started with two – Andrew & Peter. God added a few – Adam & Eve’s family. Jesus added a few – disciples. Adam & Eve’s family grew to many – the Nations.

The disciples grew to many – the Church. Israel had twelve tribes. Jesus had twelve disciples. God chose his bride – Israel. Jesus chose his bride – the Church. God called Israel out from the Nations. Jesus calls the Church out from the Nations. God prepared a place for Adam & Eve – Garden of Eden. Jesus prepared a place to teach his disciples – a mountain in Galilee. God prepared a place for Israel – the Promised Land. Jesus is preparing a place for the Church – Heaven. God started by blessing Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:28). Jesus started by blessing his disciples (Matthew 5:3). God taught Adam and Eve. Jesus taught his disciples. God started by “saying” His words of Creation. Jesus started by teaching his “sayings” in the Beatitudes (Matthew 5).

The Bible (God’s “Sayings”) will lead you in the right way, “the Blessed Way” (Proverbs 3:5-6). To succeed in home and marriage, follow your Heavenly Father… Trust Him and Obey! This is the Blessed Way – RC