Special Update on Ronnie Rice

Don & Sherry Chevalley recently returned from visiting Ronnie Rice. They reported: “Ronnie had a catheter ablation procedure on July 3 in Norfork, Virginia.” This summer was the first time in over 50 years that Ronnie has been unable to go to the Bill Rice Ranch, and he was very disappointed. After the procedure he has improved and plans to preach again. He refuses to quit and, as the train, he wants to stay on track and keep going.

He states, “I can, I can, I know I can.”
Guess who he has been watching on TV
while recovering at home?
First Place Braves“Go Braves”….

Good News! Allen Snare jus.t reported Ronnie Rice will preach three times at the Bill Rice Ranch during Deaf Adult Week, July 29 – August 2. Yea!

If you would like to contact and encourage him: Postal Mail: PO Box 672, Onley, VA 23418-0672

The Silent Word

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