Stories of Deaf Salvation

 In 1971, I was a student at Tennessee Temple Schools. I listened and learned the Word of God from revivals and mission conferences. Dr Lee Roberson, my pastor, taught much about soul- winning. My heart was burdened for the many deaf in the world who were not saved. I prayed for God to help me make clear the Gospel as I witnessed to the Deaf. I found the verse in Proverbs 11:30, “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” I wanted to be a wise soul-winner!

I studied over and over again how I could help the Deaf clearly understand the Gospel. I then prayed for the Lord to lead me to those who were not saved so I could witness to them. I asked the Lord to give me a humble and loving heart of compassion for the Deaf who were not saved. I wanted the Lord to have all the glory and not me. I remember one Sunday I preached to the deaf students of Georgia School for the Deaf. I was surprised when 25 deaf students came for salvation. They understood. Then, when I was home in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, I started visiting the area Deaf. I saw about 30 deaf souls saved. I thanked God He helped me witness and make clear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want you to also ask God to help you clearly witness to the Deaf in your area. You need to witness to your family and friends. Learn how to clearly present the Gospel, and the Lord will open hearts and people will be saved! Do It!  Deaf need spiritual help… To Contact Allen click here:

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