SWM conducted several fall Fantastic Saturdays. I helped with 4 of them. (1) Harvest Baptist Church in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, on September 15 with Jim and Terry Bracelin. We had 26 deaf and 35 hearing people from 10 churches. Praise the Lord four ladies got saved. But when I arrived home on September 24, I got a call on the Video Phone from one deaf man from Pittsburgh. He told me that he wanted to accept Jesus. I explained to him the Gospel of Jesus. He got saved. He had been at Harvest Baptist Church but he did not come to the altar for salvation. He got my prayer card. He called. Praise the Lord. (2) Capitol City Deaf Baptist Church in Holt, Michigan, on September 22 with Jim and Terry Bracelin. We had 51 deaf and 23 hearing people from 13 churches. Praise the Lord that it was a good meeting with 17 decisions. (3) First Baptist Church in West Bend, Wisconsin, on October 20 with Jon & Diane Barr. We had 55 deaf and 49 hearing people from 11 churches. Praise the Lord that one deaf lady got saved and others made service decisions. (4) Hope Baptist Church in Hanover, Pennsylvania, on October 27 with Jim & Terry Bracelin. We had 43 deaf and 27 hearing people from 10 churches. It was a good meeting with 14 decisions.

I visited Ronnie Rice in Onancock, Virginia, and stayed with him four days. I stayed to comfort and keep company with him. He has problem asthma, a bad cough and pain in his back. Please pray for him.
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