SWMI Deliberate Discipleship Manuals

By David Bennett Now Available
(Article Written by Ted Camp, SWM)

David Bennett is now traveling on a mission survey trip to many countries. As we go to press, he has been 10 days in Liberia and plans to travel on to Burkina Faso and Belgium. Please pray for his health, safety, and the Lord’s blessings as he travels. This is still a frontier ministry to many unreached Deaf areas. He is worthy of your prayers and support.

You may have noticed, David has been teaching his Deliberate Discipleship Retreats to chosen Deaf/hearing leaders in Deaf ministries. SWM Publications has printed them for classes and soon the two manuals will be available online (PDF) for your ministry (cost $10 but download cost $5 each) now available at SWMI.org/spiritualgifts.

Good News! I personally want to send you “free” the first manual “Unwrapping Practically the Gifts of the Spirit” (PDF) from my email until Valentine’s Day (Smile). Request free SWMI DD manual by clicking here.
We are here to serve – Ted Camp, SWM