Teaching About Sin III

1. All people sin. This is the next part of teaching about sin. All people sin. Use pictures of different types of people. I have pictures of grandfathers, families, young people, adults and babies. I point to the pictures and say “You sin before.” (Remember to add the sign “before” to put the sin in the past and not in the present.) Note: many deaf will say babies do not sin. I use several illustrations to show that babies do sin.
a. Crying baby story. I tell a story about my wife putting one of the kids to bed. She puts the baby in bed. The baby is not hungry. The baby is not wet. The baby is not sick or hurt. The baby wakes up and cries. Why? The baby wants mother to hold it. Nothing is wrong. The baby lied. The baby sinned.
b. Baby playing with the electric socket story. I also use a story about a baby playing with an electrical socket. The mother tells the baby to stop playing with the socket. The mother leaves the room and the baby goes and plays with the socket. The baby does not obey his mother. The baby sinned.

2. You have sin. I do this in stages.
a. Other people sin. I ask person from the audience to help me. I ask, “You before sin?” The person says yes. We then go down a list of sins. Examples, “You lie before” or “You angry before” and others. (Be careful you do not ask any really personal sins. Just 2 or 3 sins are enough.) Then point to the person and say, “He sin before.”
b. I have sin. Then point to yourself and say, “Before me sin.” Again mention a few sins like lies, angry, and fighting. Finish by saying, “Before me sin.”
  c. You sin. Then I sign. “He sin before. Me sin before. You sin before.” Most of the deaf will sign, “Yes me sin before.” More next time.

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